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S4E11: Creating Influence Around the Globe w/Awa Diaw

We know very well what change still needs to happen around race in the US, but what about abroad? Today we’re bringing you a fascinating and unique perspective on this from Awa Diaw who is not only the Global Diversity and Inclusion Project Manager for Microsoft, but a Black woman born in Senegal, raised in the US, and now living in France.


Join us for this powerful episode as we break down Awa’s experiences and observations as a Black American in Paris, how those compare to the treatment of non-American BIPOC in France, and some of her top tips for sparking change around DEI in white-led organizations.


We’re exploring:


  • Some of the most fascinating lessons and bizarre observations from her journey
  • A comparison of the education system in the United States vs France
  • Why she loves doing this work in a tech company—like Microsoft—in particular
  • THIS one approach Awa’s seen work really well in influencing change in a white-led company that didn’t involve focusing on the financial impact of improving their diversity
  • Privilege and how she has experienced this very differently in France vs the US
  • White supremacy in other countries and how it manifests
  • And so much more!


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