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S4E9: Why Do We Dehumanize Others?

Two women having a conversation while one of them wears a black hoodie

Sometimes you read or hear about a situation that breaks your heart and you think, “How can those people DO that?! How do they live with themselves? I could never do that!” But could you?


As humans, we’re exploring this idea that we all have the capacity to disconnect from other people so much that we treat them inhumanely. So in this episode, we’re exploring why and how humans do this and how we can shift to humanizing others instead.


We’re discussing:

  • The inhumane separation of families at the US border during the Trump administration and the border agents involved
  • The perspective shift Courthney embodies in order to hold a sense of humanization for all
  • Reforming our current immigration system in the United States – what might that look like if it existed without dehumanizing immigrants?
  • Why the border agents or the police officers, etc. aren’t the ones to be demonizing for being involved in the inhumane treatment of others (and who to take the fight to instead)
  • An update from each of us on the last couple of months during the break from the podcast
  • And more!


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