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S4E8: The Wisdom of Community w/Imran Rehman

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How do we create dialogue when there are such huge power differences in the room? How do we make sure we have different voices at the table and still work together?  Today we sit down with Imran Rehman, CEO of Kokoro, a web based company striving to effect change by building better environments for teams to thrive in.  Imran reaches to his childhood in London’s East End and his upbringing of many communities joining together to inform his work.


We’re Exploring


  • The aspect of Imran’s childhood that helped form who he is now
  • Recognizing what is the other side of praise and how it is detrimental to progress
  • Using language of encouragement and learning to ask questions in place of praise
  • What education really is
  • The differences between a challenge, a problem, and a crisis, and how belonging is the key to all three
  • Imran’s simple starting point for psychological safety in the workplace 
  • The importance of community and holding space
  • Why temporal comparison is best way to help humans grow and improve
  • The “Great Man Theory” and why we need to turn away from individual greatness

Learn more about Imran Rehman:  https://bekokoro.com/, https://www.linkedin.com/in/imranrehman/, https://twitter.com/ImsRehman



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