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S4E3: Reclaiming Our Humanity w/ Idelette McVicker

After being set up to live with privilege in South Africa, unsure of the world she was grown up in, our guest and author of the book Recovering Racists, Idelette McVicker, speaks to us about feeling like her soul was forgotten once she discovered the truth. She shares what it was like to live in the Apartheid, how it was created to separate people based on the color of their skin, the journey from where she was born to and the difference she is making because of it.


We’re exploring:

  • What Apartheid South Africa looked like
  • How the title Recovering Racists came to be while searching for the meaning in this world
  • What opened Idelette’s eyes to a missing part of her soul 
  • How a journey with her father to Germany connected the story in her own heart 
  • Writing a letter to your ancestors and the TOP questions to ask
  • And so much more! 


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No future without forgiveness– Archbishop Desmond Tutu


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