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The Humanize Podcast

S4E2: This is What Happens When You Center Hate

Two women having a conversation while one of them wears a black hoodie

So many times since we started this podcast, we have been here discussing mass shootings and how we can really effect change.  Here we are again.  Today in the wake of the Buffalo grocery store shooting, we sit down and talk about the ongoing gun violence in the US and how centering hate is at the heart. This isn’t about politics or political parties, but the situations at hand.  Let’s dig in.


We’re exploring:


  • How not addressing the issue of inequity in our country has made a terrifying situation our norm
  • The difference between uncomfortable and unsafe, and why it is so important to have uncomfortable conversations
  • Why it is critical that we see people as they are and appreciate our differences in order to fight the system
  • How white supremacy culture wins by keeping people controlled via fear
  • The message we send when society centers and amplifies a marginal hate perspective 
  • What the poverty mindset is and how it normalizes ignorance, hate and survival
  • How standing on ideology dehumanizing us 
  • Our hope for our listeners to find spaces to come together and heal

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