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S3E20: Our Biggest Lessons From Season 3

It’s a wrap on Season 3! Join us today as we look back and unpack what this season has brought: the work we’ve done, the discomfort and pain we’ve faced, and the guests we’ve all learned from. Listen in as we detail some of the BIGGEST learning points that have settled in for each of us. We’ll also utilize some prompts to reflect on how our Humanize workplace is measuring up on dismantling the characteristics of white supremacy culture. Thank YOU for tuning in this season and learning with us!

We’re exploring: 

  • Steps you can take to bring in MORE diversity into your life
  • How anger and pain can be a catalyst for action
  • The importance of creating safe spaces for people of color and why that might be hard to do if you’re white (but keep trying!)
  • Our advice to white listeners seeking to do the work 
  • The difference between clean and dirty anger and which one is actually useful for creating change
  • Dismantling the system of urgency and why important work shouldn’t be rushed
  • Plus updates on what’s to come! 


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