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S3E18: The Violence of Normality [A Deeper Dive]

Two women having a conversation while one of them wears a black hoodie

The intersection between toxic masculinity and white supremacy is one that deserves another look, don’t you think? On today’s episode we dive back into the ideas discussed last week with artist, poet, and educator, Kyle ‘Guante’ Tran Myhre. Join us as we further explore the violence of normality, the ways that white supremacy doesn’t exclusively benefit whites, and why it’s still a toxic system that needs to be dismantled.


We’re exploring: 

  • The need to redefine masculinity in society 
  • Our country’s foundation of white supremacy and what that means for dismantling it
  • What “doing the work” looks like
  • Why the culture within white supremacy makes it hard to admit you’re in it and benefiting from it
  • What’s needed to achieve true liberation 
  • How the access to power creates blindness 
  • The fog that Courthney envisions white men live in every day
  • Healthy vs toxic masculinity and if the white supremacist system we live in can ever be shifted into something healthy
  • And much more!


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