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Encore: How White Supremacy F***s Us All with Courtney Napier

Originally Released June 28, 2021

If you know better, you can do better. Join us in today’s episode, where we’re joined by writer, journalist, and antiracism coach, Courtney Napier, to explore the role our ancestors play in our lives as well as the illusions and fuckery of white supremacy that affects us all.


We’re digging into:

  • The “crack in the veneer” moment that changed everything for Courtney
  • How white supremacy impacts white people as well as POC
  • The kind of work that will lead to freedom (it’s not what you think!)
  • Pleasure vs conscience and its role in resisting oppression
  • The illusions of white supremacy
  • Why more Black and Brown women are starting businesses
  • The difference between suffering and struggle
  • And so much more!








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Essay by Audre Lorde: Uses of the Erotic, Erotic as Power: Audre Lorde

White Beloveds: Black Lives Matter Is Not a Trend Its an Invitation to Our Own Freedom Too: https://plantedmoredeeply.wordpress.com/2020/06/28/white-beloveds-blacklivesmatter-is-not-a-trend-its-an-invitation-to-our-own-freedom-too/


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