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S3E12: Staying Embodied When Doing Racial Equity Work with Vani Tangella

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We all carry with us our own traumas (including intergenerational ones), but how do we each continue to show up and do this work when that’s the reality for us? Today, we’re exploring this with Vani Tangella, the Racial Equity Specialist at the Colorado Department of Health and Environment. Join us as we unpack what it means to show up in a conversation about race or equity, the inner work to be done for the most effective race conversations, the myth of access in the US, and the importance of staying embodied. 


We’re exploring:

  • Vani’s realization, as a 9 year old immigrant to the US from India, that the world had given her rose-colored glasses about what life held for them here
  • Her first experiences feeling like “the other” and where she continued to discover inequities here
  • The barriers to effective DEI consulting in businesses and what needs to happen to change that
  • How and why Vani brings the head, body, and heart into racial equity trainings
  • What it looks like to really show up and do your inner work
  • Her favorite tips for you to move further into really doing this work in a trauma-informed system
  • And more!


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