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The Humanize Podcast

S3E4: Representation Matters with Shiquita Yarbrough

Talk of representation and the importance of bringing more diversity into positions of power is everywhere. But why is it so important that it actually starts to happen? And what barriers are standing in the way of what diversity there is actually making a difference?


In today’s episode, our guest is Shiquita Yarbrough, who is running for a historic position as the first Black person to run for city counsel in Longmont, Colorado. We’re discussing power, freedom, and representation, as well as why it’s so important to keep representation as a focus and some common issues around its implementation.


We’re exploring:

  • Shiquita’s historic candidacy and what called her to get into politics
  • Her first experiences with racism and tokenism as a Black woman
  • The fundamental misunderstanding of power
  • How we are seeing performative attempts at representation in large companies and what’s REALLY going on
  • What companies need to do FIRST before they focus on increasing representation and diversity on their boards
  • Shiquita’s advice for people of power on a board when you are looking to increase representation the RIGHT way
  • And more!


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