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S2E17: The Illusions of White Supremacy [A Deeper Dive]

White supremacy truly fucks us all, and there are many illusions about it that we don’t always recognize but are so important to explore. So in this episode, we’re diving deeper into last week’s episode with Courtney Napier about this, the role your ancestors have in your anti-racism work, the difference between struggle vs. suffering, and the fundamental misunderstanding within this system of white supremacy.


We’re exploring:

  • The irony (and hypocrisy) in the creation of the United States
  • Privilege in all its many forms
  • White American culture vs white supremacy culture: can you really separate the two?
  • The book series Emily is loving for her kids to learn more about the successes of POC, not just the struggles
  • How perfectionism and white supremacy are related
  • The question, “Do POC have to suffer or struggle to become great?”
  • Police impunity and how it holds white supremacy in place
  • The “update” our brains need (and why the old “software” we’re running on is perpetuating white supremacy and racism)
  • And so much more!Resources:http://www.whitesupremacyculture.info/


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