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S2E8: Thriving Over Surviving [A Deeper Dive]

Two women having a conversation while one of them wears a black hoodie

We heard some profound truths in our conversation last week with rebel, activist, and speaker Dr. Melissa Bird. She left us wondering about how to heal generational trauma, and what we can do to truly understand (and meet) the needs of the communities we serve. In this episode, we’re diving deeper into these ideas by reflecting on the MOST impactful quotes from Dr. Bird, why self-care is key to refocusing on trauma, and what we’re doing to be courageous and unapologetically rebellious in the fight towards social justice and freedom.

We’re exploring:

  • Why BIPOC do not have the luxury to stop and grieve over collective, generational trauma
  • Courthney’s thoughts on THRIVING (instead of just surviving)
  • What being a rebel means to Courthney and Emily 
  • The BIG problem with making assumptions about the needs of a community
  • Why truly accessible health care means more than just getting medical attention
  • Emily questions the intentions of white saviorism
  • What it means to do the work to unpack your racism (and be a better version of yourself!) 
  • And so much more!

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