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S1E8: BIPOC and Allies will Never Dismantle White Supremacy

Two women having a conversation while one of them wears a black hoodie

What’s the difference between being an ally and an accomplice when it comes to anti-racism work? On today’s episode, we’re getting personal and exploring the differences between them, our own backgrounds, why BIPOC and allies will NEVER be the ones to dismantle white supremacy — and who will instead.


We’re exploring:

  • The mixed messages Emily got from her mother about race and what it’s like to critically examine the actions of loved ones while on your own anti-racism journey
  • What needs to happen to TRULY accomplish change in the system
  • The difference between allyship and accompliceship
  • Why declaring yourself as an ally isn’t enough — and what you should be focusing on doing instead
  • Courthney’s thoughts on the term BIPOC as a grouping
  • What white supremacy being dismantled ACTUALLY looks like
  • Resources for you if you want to learn more about Malcom X
  • And more!



The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Haley


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