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The Humanize Podcast

S1E7: Diagnosing the Issue and Addressing Fear

Have you ever wanted to speak out and take a stand about race, decolonization, or your own work on the path to becoming an accomplice, but felt a lot of fear around what others would think and how it would affect you, your family, or your business? If so, you aren’t alone.


It can feel very scary to speak openly and vulnerably about racism; whether you are BIPOC or white. Our desire behind doing this podcast is to bring you an open and frank conversion and be vulnerable from BOTH sides, but it isn’t always easy. 


On today’s episode we’re addressing the fears that can come up for either BIPOC or white folks doing anti-racism and decolonization work, what challenges come up for both of us as we embark on this journey working together, and why the issue of racism needs to be diagnosed.


We’re exploring:


  • The fear you may have around your own anti-racism work that can lead to complacency (and how to address it)
  • Managing the risks of each of us feel as we embark on this vulnerable continued conversation through our work
  • How capitalism holds racism in place
  • The recurring cycle of dehumanization of BIPOC
  • What we love about this work
  • How taking correction from BIPOC vs from white people has changed for Emily as she progresses through her own work
  • The FIRST important step to becoming a true accomplice
  • And more!


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