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The Humanize Podcast

S1E6: Riots and Racism

So much happened last week in this country that we just had to create a bonus episode to share our conversation around it. For the first time in history, Georgia is blue with its first Black man as senator! And on the same day, hypocrisy and entitlement were on parade at the Capital as a mass of vastly white Trump supporters rioted and looted there. So on today’s episode, we’re breaking down the big questions we’ve seen about the riot, how racism was at play, and the Georgia Senate election.


We’re exploring:

  • The burden of progression and where it has always been placed
  • Why this coup attempt was NOT like the BLM movement and how it was related to racism
  • How white privilege was on display at the Capital during the riot
  • The massive role Stacey Abrams played in the election last week
  • Why the riot happened the way it did
  • The chapter from the Trump book we as individuals pushing towards dismantling the system can take
  • And more!


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