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The Humanize Podcast

S1E1: What did the 2020 election really expose?

Two women having a conversation while one of them wears a black hoodie

This election has likely felt both nerve-wracking and eye-opening. Join us for this pilot episode of the podcast as we explore what the 2020 election has exposed about the US and each of us, real and vulnerable conversations about white privilege, and the biggest lessons we can take away from this election.

We’re diving into:

  • What it’s been like for us to watch this election unfold
  • The biggest problems this election has shown us as a country
  • Balancing the shock of the election results
  • Why voting along party lines and only for your own interests is such a dangerous line to walk
  • What we can take from a Trump presidency and what it helped us as a country shine a light on
  • Safety and comfort — the differences in the BIPOC and white experience
  • The relationship between white privilege, economics, and social justice
  • And more!

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