Report: Audio Outage During Longmont City Council Meeting on Tuesday, March 2, 2021

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On Tuesday, March 2, 2021, at around 7:27 PM, it was brought to Longmont Public Media’s attention that viewers were unable to hear audio during the Longmont City Council Meeting broadcast.

The viewers that were affected by the outage were those watching via cable (Comcast 8/880), our website, and on our Roku app. Viewers watching via Facebook or YouTube were not affected.

Audio was restored to the broadcast at 7:43 PM.

Upon investigation, Longmont Public Media has concluded that a bug in broadcasting/live streaming and video mixing software we utilize, vMix, was causing audio not to be sent to the destinations listed above.

Longmont Public Media was unable to find logs to indicate whether the glitch/bug in vMix occurred during the gap from 7 PM to 7:27pm, or whether it occurred upon starting our broadcast.

Longmont Public Media (LPM) uses the same software for all other live shows broadcast out of LPM, (i.e such as Art & Sip, P&Z, Coffee with Council, etc) and to date, we have not encountered the issue that occurred last night.

Moving forward, Longmont Public Media will be implementing additional procedures with staff to monitor and rapidly detect issues like this from occurring.

Longmont Public Media will be re-broadcasting the entire council meeting tomorrow, March 4th, at noon.