VIVE Mars CamTrack

Cost to underwrite:

What is this:

The VIVE Mars CamTrack allows creators to incorporate digital scenes as they film. Trackers are placed on cameras and lights to move the scene as the camera moves and the scene to illuminate as lights move. Combined with a projector, actors can interact with the digital scene and directors can see the interactions live during production. 

How will this help:

This system will allow creators to project any backdrop they can imagine right inside Longmont Public Media’s studio. Actors and filmmakers could potentially walk around an alien world without ever going outside and without having to edit any footage. This resource would expand what creators could make in the studio as well as what students interested in becoming media professionals can learn.

Why Underwrite this:

The VIVE Mars CamTrack will require at least one training video and an in-person training course, which will all be underwritten by you. This will be highlighted in training videos on the wiki and in images highlighting and advertising the training course. This incredibly powerful addition to Longmont Public Media’s studio will also be highlighted in our newsletter and social media with a thank you for providing our community with such a great resource.