Sony FX30 Camera

Cost to underwrite:

What is this:

This is a camera that can shoot 4k or 6k quality video. This camera is a portable camera for those looking to make cinema-quality films. This camera can record quickly to dual SD cards including SD-A cards which can keep up with the read/write speeds for high-quality video recording. Filmmakers can adjust color and brightness live in production, instead of during post-production. 

How will this help:

This camera will allow our members access to a portable, cinema-quality filmmaking. This would expand what types and the quality of films members could produce at Longmont Public Media, as well as what professional tools members could master in our makerspace.

Why Underwrite this:

The Sony FX30 will require a wiki training video going over the best practices and an in person class (dependent on staff and volunteer availability), which you as an underwriter will be thanked for at the beginning and the end of the video and highlighted in the ads for the in person class. This piece of equipment will be a popular piece inside the Longmont Public Media community which will all be thanks to your support as an underwriter which we will recognize in our newsletter and shared across our social media.