DJI RS 3 Gimbal

Cost to underwrite:

What is this:

Smaller and sleeker than the Ronin RS2, this gimbal can record steady, smooth shots under any conditions. Whereas many gimbals can be difficult to setup and require several connections, this gimbal simplifies the interface, uses bluetooth connectivity, and has auto lock features to make this gimbal easy to use for all filmmakers.

How will this help:

This gimbal will allow video makers at Longmont Public Media to quickly connect cameras and start filming smooth shots under any conditions. Gimbals are in important for on-location shots or to capture smooth footage as the camera operator moves through the environment. One reason people avoid gimbals is because they can be very difficult to setup, this gimbal simplifies setup and reduces much of the overhead.

Why Underwrite this:

Gimbals, especially the DJI RS 3, are very fun to watch in action. As part of the training video on how to use this gimbal where our members can watch the RS 3 in action, you will receive a thank you for providing Longmont Public Media with such a great tool.