L1 Pro8 Portable Speaker System

Cost to underwrite:

What is this:

This is a portable speaker system, subwoofer, and audio mixer all in one. This system can be transported and setup in minutes by a single person. The speaker and sub are designed to fill small venues with clear sound. The mixing panel can be controlled through an onboard panel or through a downloadable app. Instruments, microphones, and devices can be connected through AUX, XLR, 1/4″, or 1/8″ connections as well as bluetooth. 

How will this help:

Having this system will allow members to quickly setup the studio for live sound. This can be used for hosting events or to help with live recordings with an audience. The mixer’s simple interface is easy to use for members who do not want to spend time on advanced audio settings, and to help staff quickly transition between makerspace studio hours to live performances and events. This equipment can also easily be taken outside the studio for events such as outdoor movie nights.

Why Underwrite this:

The L1 Pro8 is actually several pieces of equipment combined into one. This means that there will need to be several training videos going over the best practices, all of which you as an underwriter will be thanked for at the beginning and the end of each video. This piece of equipment will be a regular piece inside and outside the Longmont Public Media Studio which will all be thanks to your support as an underwriter which we will recognize in our newsletter and shared across our social media.