Thursday Night Live: A Date with Dapkus & Family

Video Description: Adam Dapkus and his family will be putting on their own variety show including music, poetry, and more. After winning the Longmont Public Media Talent Show, Adam has handcrafted an entertaining evening for all! Each family member brings their own talents to the stage and will be given a chance to shine.

Thursday Nights at the Museum: The Longmonster!

Video Description: Featuring Longmont City Council Member Shiquita Yarbrough, Executive Director of Out Boulder Mardi Moore, and co-owner of Jack’s Solar Garden Byron Kominek. What’s The Longmonster?! It’s a late-night style talk show featuring local folks talking about what they do, how they do it, and what it means to be doing it here in […]

Los Mocochetes

Video Description: A Chicano Funk band from Denver, Los Mocochetes fuses thoughtfully brazen, socio/politically charged song lyrics, groovilicious melodies and high-energy stage antics to create an immersive experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen.