Rational Politics: Mayor Joan Peck

Video Description: Nigel Aves welcomes back the Mayor of Longmont, Joan Peck, to discuss why she’s running for a second term as Mayor. Produced by T.G. Lewis at the Captn’s Lounge Studio for the CiT Network.

Rational Politics Rational War??

Video Description: Furtuna Hailemariam is a Tigrayan from Ethiopia, and she comes to share her story with Nigel. Viewer discretion advised, due to the graphic nature of surviving a civil war.

Rational Politics: Mitzi Nicoletti, candidate for Council-at-Large

Video Description: Rational Politics host Nigel Aves talks with Mitzi Nicoletti about her candidacy for Council-at-Large in the fall 2022 Longmont City elections. For more information, visit: https://mitziforlongmont.com/about Produced by T.G. Lewis for the CiT NETWORK. Recorded at the Captn’s Lounge Studio.

Rational Politics Candidate: Tracey Bernett

Video Description: Tracey Bernett, running for re-election in Colorado House District 12, talks with Rational Politics host Nigel Aves about the bright future of renewable energy in our state and what the purpose of the recently passed HB22-1362 on Building for Greenhouse gas reduction through preparing new homes from the ground up for renewables will […]

Does Democracy Matter?

Make sure to check out this new video from the CiT NETWORK and Captn’s Lounge Studio.