Rational Alchemy: Amanda Maldonado, Coy Ink Studio

Video Description: Local artist Amanda Maldonado stops in to Rational Alchemy to the show the kind of line drawings, places and people, she’s become well known for. Hosted by Nigel Aves, recorded at the Captn’s Lounge Studio.

Our Biggest Lessons From Season 4

We can’t believe it, we’ve made it to the end of Season 4. What a year of absolutely mind-blowing conversations and guests. With gratitude and excitement, we leave you with these final reflections on dismantling white supremacy, sitting in…

Serving Locally, with Michelle

Video Description: Get to Know Serving Locally, with Michelle – Mrs. Longmont This odd episode features Michelle being interviewed by Dianne Haskell, Mrs. Firestone. Get to know a little more about your host and what this podcast is all about! Thank you for watching and please connect with me to be on the show!

S3, E3: Lark & Kasim start a revolution by Kacen Callender

This month members of the Children and Teen Services team will discuss the YA book Lark & Kasim start a revolution by Kacen Callender. Next month, Josie, Devon, and Denise will discuss Did ye hear mammy died: a memoir by Seamas O’Reilly. What did you think of the podcast? We’d love to know. Submit your […]

S4E20: Radical Education w/ Jocelyn Rodriguez

“I’m not here to reform. I’m here to abolish, I’m here to dismantle.” – Jocelyn Rodriguez  What does it mean to have a radical approach? For Joceyln Rodriguez, it’s about pushing the norm, and often being the only one doing it. Today…

The Shakedown, Ep 26: How to talk about prison abolition – Part I

Video Description: Discussing prison abolition often feels like an uphill battle, especially with people unfamiliar with the concept or unsure why criminals deserve empathy at all. In this episode, Malone plays devil’s advocate as Rainforest defends prison abolition. Rainforest gets the stats wrong, but he explains a different perspective on prison abolition so that YOU […]

The Shakedown: What Happened to Rainy’s Commitment? – Part 1

Video Description: Malone asks the questions this week as we find out updates on Rainforest’s yearly commitment as well as what it takes to make changes to a condition of parole in Collin County, TX. More about us at: https://shakedown.show Find The Shakedown merch at: https://wayword.press Timestamps 0:00 Introduction 3:00 Do you have to hire […]

The Shakedown: What Happened to Rainy’s Commitment Pt 2 – The Wrath of Rainforest

Video Description: We finally finish explaining what happened to Rainy’s yearly commitment and how it changed. And by the end of the episode, Malone gets Rainforest on a tirade so bad that he worries it will threaten the rest of the show! More about us at: https://shakedown.show Get our merch at: https://wayword.press Timestamps: 0:00 Intro […]

S4E19: White Supremacy: Let’s Call It What It Is

“Whoa whoa whoa – I’m not a white supremacist…” White supremacy is a pretty hard thing to talk about without all the defenses coming up and the conversation quickly ending. In this episode we talk about the difference between ‘being a white…