VIVE Mars Camtrack

VIVE Mars CamTrack Cost to underwrite: $7,500 What is this: The VIVE Mars CamTrack allows creators to incorporate digital scenes as they film. Trackers are placed on cameras and lights to move the scene as the camera moves and the scene to illuminate as lights move. Combined with a projector, actors can interact with the […]

DJI RS 3 Gimbal

DJI RS 3 Gimbal Cost to underwrite: $1,400 What is this: Smaller and sleeker than the Ronin RS2, this gimbal can record steady, smooth shots under any conditions. Whereas many gimbals can be difficult to setup and require several connections, this gimbal simplifies the interface, uses bluetooth connectivity, and has auto lock features to make […]

Neewer Boom Arm

Neewer Handheld Boom Arm Cost to underwrite: $200 What is this: This expandable boom arm has a built-XLR which allows for posting a boom microphone discretely out of shot.¬† How will this help: Longmont Public Media is known for recording live interviews, shows, and events. This boom will help simplify the process by allowing for […]

Sony FX30 Cameras

Sony FX30 Camera Cost to underwrite: $3,300 What is this: This is a camera that can shoot 4k or 6k quality video. This camera is a portable camera for those looking to make cinema-quality films. This camera can record quickly to dual SD cards including SD-A cards which can keep up with the read/write speeds […]

L1 Pro8 Portable Speaker System‚Äč

L1 Pro8 Portable Speaker System Cost to underwrite: $2,000 What is this: This is a portable speaker system, subwoofer, and audio mixer all in one. This system can be transported and setup in minutes by a single person. The speaker and sub are designed to fill small venues with clear sound. The mixing panel can […]