The Future We Deserve – Longmont Voices & Vision Season 2 Ep 1

Many of us aspire to a post-pandemic future that is more just, balanced, patient, inclusive, sustainable, and responsible than the pre-pandemic era. Join Longmont leaders, activists, and volunteers as they share their aspirations for a future toward which they want to move and one on which they are willing to work with others to create. […]

Water Board Meeting – December 21, 2020 0:00Okay, my watch says three o’clock. So the meeting going I’d like to call the December 21 2020. Water Board meeting to order. Heather, could you please start with a roll call? 0:14Sure. Chair Williams. Here. 0:17Alison gold. 0:20Here. 0:22Kathy Peterson. 0:23Here. 0:25Scott Horwich. 0:26Here. 0:27Roger Lang. 0:29Here. 0:30Can you send 0:32your Nelson Tipton […]

Holiday Business Hours

Longmont Public Media will be closed from December 24, 2020 to January 3, 2020. We will resume our standard business hours on January 4, 2020. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! For any questions, please contact

Longmont Public Media to be open for reservations only

With Boulder County moving to Level Red (Severe Risk), Longmont Public Media will be open only on a limited basis for reservations only. This change will be effective tomorrow, November 20, 2020. To make reservations, please visit: For additional covid information, please visit our website:¬† Please continue to stay safe, wear a mask, and […]

Longmont City Council Study Session October 20, 2020 0:04All right, thank you very much. The mayor will be joining us momentarily. So at this time, I would now like to call the October 20 2020, Longmont, city council study session order. Could we please start with the roll call? 0:20Mayor Bagley. 0:23Councilmember Christiansen here. 0:26Councilmember Adolfo fairing here. 0:29Councilmember Martin. 0:32Here. Councilmember […]