Note: Longmont Public Media is currently closed to the public in accordance with CDC and State of Colorado guidelines on COVID-19.

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Longmont Public Media is a media makerspace devoted to the education, production, and distribution of local media that matters.

Getting Started at Longmont Public Media

1. Attend a Weekly Meeting

Join us on Thursdays to learn about what we’re doing and how you can be involved.

2. Become A Member

Sign up for a membership to attend classes and reserve studio space in our makerspace.

3. Produce Your Content

Work with other members to produce your TV shows, podcasts, and more. 

Our Channels

Education Channel

Viewable only on Comcast Channel 14

Government Channel

Viewable only on Comcast Channel 16

Upcoming Classes & Events

Due to COVID-19, Longmont Public Media has postponed our classes and events indefinitely. 

Get In Touch

Have questions? Reach out to us below or swing by our facility at 457 4th Avenue, Longmont CO 80501